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Dreams inspire us to move on with our lives, and the life's direction depends on them.
Someone said, "Tell me what you wish, I will tell you who you are." 

I greatly hope to follow my dreams in the real world, but identifying and shaping them is my life's challenge.


   & Me!

My name is Abbas, and I came from a very far country. That far that you can not go there for a weekend. When I was born, the sky was blue, and the rivers were full of water. I came to this paradise called the earth. Everywhere on earth is my place. Life on earth is a great opportunity! I try to live every moment of my life, maybe with you and maybe next to you!

Life & Me
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A short but sweet opportunity



The momentary change of the world makes every moment of our lives a unique moment that is not like the other moment.
It is part of the journey to understand the inner changes caused by the outer changes and to live them. The lost one in time and space! 


The Book

Life is a book we write. This is a book with a leather or paper cover is a short or long, romantic or exciting book. The question is, in which chapter of the book of life am I now? Am I the protagonist?

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